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1兆を2個 1億を5こ | 1分以内に彼氏のチ コをイカせたら100万円 ただし失敗したらその場で他人棒から即ズボ罰ゲーム 無料動画 | 1分間にお尻でくるみを割る最多回数 | 1日に48時間ほしい 英語 | 1az オイル 量 | 19歳現 地下アイドルと交わした 二人の絆 | 1dayインターンシップの内容で学生学生の満足度は大きく変化 | 1bit アンプ ファン うるさい

1m-1NT;2NT 15-16点 17-19点は3NTへ飛ぶか、リバース。 1m-2m後 -> Inverted Minor Raise OPPTの介入があるとシステムオフ) 1m-2m m4枚 INVPHはINVジャストであることが多い. 2011/07/12 · 1m - 1M - 2NT: 3m, 3M are weak sign-offs 3om is game forcing with 4M: 3-level bids now show 3-card support and highlight values/fragment, 4-level bids show shortage.

2015/09/21 · How strong is 1m-1M-1NT when 1m contains all strong NT's 14-16? We play that 1NT without the interference promises an invitation opposite a strong NT, with hands too weak or too strong going through a T Walsh 1S we also play 1S transfer to 1N when the interference is 1H. 1X-1M;1NT-?となったシークエンスで使用。M5枚を持ったレスポンス側がINV、FGをかけられ、Dサインオフもできる。 ※1m-1M;1NTに対して示したいMがないのであればINV,FGは2NT,3NTでよい.

You can use 3after 1m-1M-2NT in much the same way. There isn't much need to distinguish minimum and maximum hands though 2NT shows a narrow range of 18-19, instead of the wide range of 1NT, so 3after 2NT is simpler just 3=none, 3=hearts, 3=spades, almost like regular Stayman. 1M 1NT = 14-17 hcp, 2NT 22-24 Bal, 3NT 1st/ 2nd Solid minor -3 = 55 OM, 1 3 = 55 , NF Hi X 1/3/5 1/3/5 Reope 2 = 20-21 Bal or GF n: 2NT = 19 -21 BAL SYS ON. 2M = abt 10 13. Lo X 1/3/5 1/3/5 Multi 2 IN ORDER. 2012/01/29 · We use 2NT as Ken does: minors. Specifically in the weaker response range, because our 2/1 is still forcing for one round and we can bid the minors out with ten-ish. We don't need 2NT for a max balanced pass, because 1NT for.

After 1m - 1M; 2NT - 3c; 3d, options for 3OM include: [1] natural, 3h=weak, 3S =4-4; [2] natural, exactly 4 cards, [3] natural, 5-5; [4] artificial slam try in other minor. Note on Wolff methods: If you play Walsh style, as I prefer, definitely require opener to bid 3d over a Wolff. 2nt = 4M, INV 1M-2nt system is ON if the opponents are now silent or just DBL 3x = Fit Showing, 54, INV, forcing to 3M mixed raises DO NOT apply 3M = NV weak, VUL mixed raise.

1-Suit: NV is pre-emptive, V is 10-15ish 9 9x 98xx 1NT = 15-17 GAZILLI after 1M-1NT 2-Suit: 2NT: 2 lowest unbid suits Hi-X DOUBLETON xXxx, Xxxx TRANSFERS OVER 1C Lo-X 3 rd, 5 th HxxX Some relay bidding after 2/1 sequences. 2012/10/30 · 1NT-2NT の NAT INVに乗らないハンドであれば最初から1Mでオープン でないと、表が2NTダウン。裏は2 がメイクなんて事が起こります。 結論 16-17点の5Mを持った時は1NTでオープンした方が良い。 但し、2スーターやOMが弱い.

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