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Waterfront Apartments Rentals in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Studio, 1, 2, & 3 Bedroom Apartments Available. Call 718-923-1414 One North Fourth Williamsburg's best views Built from the ground up Start. Apartment Availability at 1N4 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Studio, 1, 2 & 3, BR Luxury Apartment Rentals. Call 718-923-1414. 1N4TH is a new apartment development by Douglaston Development and MacFarlane Partners in Brooklyn, NY. Explore prices, floor plans, photos and details. From One North Fourth: You've always wanted the best lease on life.

1N4th Click an image to view larger version. Figures Height: Architectural 121.3 m / 398 ft Floors Above Ground 41of Apartments 509 Facts Official Name 1N4th Name of Complex Northside Piers Other Names United States City. 1N4th, 1 North 4th Place: The 40-story rental tower at 1 North Fourth Street on the waterfront in Williamsburg, Brooklyn was topped out at the end of 2014. When it opens, it will have 510 apartments. Douglaston Development, of which.

2018/01/11 · The Williamsburg waterfront is set to see even more towers. The latest one to rise is dubbed 1N4th, but it certainly won’t be the last.A 41-story building with 510 rental apartments at 1 Nor. 2018/10/03 · 1N4th Featured Story Features, real estate trends, Transportation No subway, no worries: Developers offer incentives to lure tenants off train lines By Cait Etherington, Wed, October 3, 2018. 1N4th, 1 North 4 Pl.: ONE NORTH FOURTH PLACE YOU&39;VE ALWAYS WANTED THE BEST LEASE ON LIFE. INCREDIBLE INTERIORS AND IMPRESSIVE AMENITIES ARE EQUALED BY AN.

1N4th 1 North 4th Place is a Rental Building in Williamsburg Brooklyn and is managed by Clinton Management. Click to view 6 photos and 10 reviews Pros: Views are spectacular no question however. Cons: Several issues from no. BuildingLink. 1N4th 1 North 4 Place Brooklyn, NY 11249 Rental Building in Williamsburg 510 Units 41 Stories 2014 Built Rentals listings: 13 active and 646 previous Documents and Permits: 19 documents more about the building $4,990.


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